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A defining work by two pioneers in a new and needed field of therapy. Kent and Michelle introduce the reader to a blending of Somatic and Experiential therapies. Using their own experiences the authors are able to walk readers through their pioneering use of SomEx. I look forward to what they have to teach us next.

— Al A. from Pennsylvania

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Emotional Harmony

by Kent Fisher with Michelle Rappaport

Emotional Harmony is about learning how to choose one's attitude, not simply as a conscious behavioral choice but as a hardwired neurological response to any given set of circumstances. Life is messy, and many people, particularly those with addiction and codependency problems, were never given the tools to negotiate that messiness. Since Kent Fisher and Michelle Rappaport opened their therapeutic practice almost twenty years ago, they have seen thousands of people who have spent their whole lives emotionally deregulated, responding to life with either aggression or passivity. Their job is to teach these people how to live within the emotional regulated space of choice and repair.

Drawing on their private practice; reconstruction experiences and the research of Patrick Carnes, Dan Siegel, Sharon Stanley and others, Kent and Michelle have developed a process of repair and renegotiation of the past, and a harmonious way to respond to the present. With the SomEx model change happens through 5 simple actions that evolve through the therapeutic relationship.

For therapist and client alike, Emotional Harmony is the first book to merge the science of somatic therapies with the real-world applications of experiential healing. By integrating the left brain's meaning-making and rationalization of our life experience with the right hemisphere's somatic processing of trauma and its consequences, we move from that messy life story into the deep repair that is emotional harmony.

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